Chemical Injuries From Solvents A Common Workplace Concern

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) warns of the hazards of exposure to chemicals in the workplace. The federal agency estimates that 9.8 million workers may face such exposure in the United States. There are a wide variety of potential chemical injuries, including those from exposure to solvents, asbestos, latex rubber and… Read more »

Exposure To Mold Worker’ Compensation Cases

Workers’ compensation cases can be complex and difficult to prove, especially in instances where mold is to blame. If you have been injured by mold on a work site and you believe your employer is to blame, it is important to understand the various aspects of this case. Here we will discuss the types of… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Unemployment Benefits

You are laid off from work due to your injury.  Should you apply for benefits under both the workers’ compensation and the unemployment divisions?  In most cases, yes you should apply for both work comp benefits and unemployment benefits.  Unable to work – If you are not able to work as defined by your medical provider, then you… Read more »

One in Five Injured on the Job: Minnesota is No Exception

Some facts and figures out of Eagan show that more than 20 percent of Americans have been injured on the job at one time or another and Minnesota is no exception. According to a survey, twenty percent of American adults say that they have suffered an on-the-job injury that was serious enough for them… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation and Temp Work: Minnesotans See the Dangers

These days, temp work seems to be growing in popularity. A company gets the help that they need while they need it and the employee isn’t working the same job all of the time. Some prefer temp work because it gives them a little variety. We’ll call this gentleman, “Dave.” Dave was excited because he… Read more »

Study Measures Cost of Treating Workplace Injuries In Minnesota

The Workers Compensation Research Institute released its 14th study on the workers’ compensation programs in 16 states and Minnesota’s was one of them. The study looked at how they all compare to one another and how they have evolved over time. The purpose of the report is to help policymakers and others involved in state… Read more »