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Are Your Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Payments Late?

You are exposed to various risks that can injure you in the workplace. The law requires most Minnesota employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If your employer doesn’t have insurance, the Special Compensation Fund can still cover your workers’ compensation benefits.

You often get your first workers’ compensation check within 10–30 days of informing your employer about a work-related injury. However, state regulations, your case’s circumstances, and the extent of your medical bills and injuries can affect your waiting period.

How Soon Does the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company Start Paying Benefits?

Generally, the insurer makes payment within 14 days after being notified of time lost because of a work injury. If you qualify for temporary partial disability benefits, the insurance company makes payment within ten days of submitting your check stubs. The insurer makes payment within 14 days if the workers’ compensation division, the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals, or a workers’ comp judge orders them. Employers must pay your medical bills immediately, even before the insurance accepts or denies your claim.

Insurance firms often delay their payments. Late payments can worsen your financial situation if you work at a wage loss or are out of work. Penalties against the insurer or employer are available in some cases if they are regularly late.

Why Are Your Workers’ Compensation Checks Late?

An attorney can help you know which reason delayed your benefits. The reasons include:

Requests for a Second Look

The insurer can pay for an Independent Medical examination to confirm the first physician’s findings. The treating physician can also request a second opinion. These requests can delay your workers’ compensation benefits.

You Suffered Multiple Injuries

A work-related accident that causes multiple injuries complicates your workers’ compensation claim. The insurer can investigate each injury separately, delaying your benefits.


If the insurance company doesn’t have adequate staff, it may take longer to process your claim. The scarcity of insurance adjusters can also delay your benefits.

Employer Delays

Whether intentional or not, Employers often delay reporting injuries which often delays payment of your benefits. If you feel you employer is delaying the filing of your claim, you should contact an attorney.

You Made Mistakes

Mistakes can delay your benefits. For example, failure to notify your employer of a workplace accident on time can delay your benefits. Failure to follow your treatment plan, incomplete forms, and providing inaccurate information can also delay your workers’ comp benefits.

What To Do When Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Late

If your workers’ compensation checks are late, you have various options:

  • Contact the adjuster: Your adjuster might not know your workers’ compensation payments are late. In some circumstances, direct deposit can be used to make sure checks are issued quickly.
  • Contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry: A MN DLI workers’ compensation specialist can help you contact the adjuster and ensure they follow the law. In some cases, they can advise you to get legal help if they can’t get adequate feedback from the relevant parties. At your request, MN DLI’s Special Compensation Fund can bring a penalty. A complaint can be opened and investigated to determine the checks issued late. Once the investigations are completed, the Department of Labor and Industry can administer a penalty payable to you.
  • Contact a Mankato Minnesota workers compensation lawyer: If your workers’ compensation benefits aren’t being paid or your checks are always late, a work injury attorney can file a claim for benefits and penalties.

Are You Waiting Too Long To Get Your Workers’ Compensation Check?

If your workers’ compensation checks are always late, Harvey & Carpenter can help you. We have over 50 years of experience helping clients injured in the workplace. Our attorneys can review your case and take the necessary actions to ensure you get your workers’ compensation benefits and penalties if your checks are late.

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