Major Changes to Workers’ Compensation in Minnesota

On May 16, a bill was signed by Governor Dayton that changes the way that workers’ compensations have been handled over the past thirty years. The law now recognizes mental injuries, whereas it didn’t before. The following are changes in the workers’ compensation Minnesota injured workers are entitled to if they become injured on the… Read more »

Minnesota Settles Wrongful Death Suit for $400,000

After an inmate’s death, the Minnesota Department of Corrections agreed to pay the family $400,000 in their wrongful death suit against the state. In the case, St. Paul native, Xaviu Scullark-Johnson, 27, died alone in his cell while suffering a bout of seizures all night long. Xavius was also schizophrenic. Prison medical records showed that… Read more »

Minnesota is Making Changes in Workers’ Compensation

2013 has been marked as the year Minnesota will see changes in workers’ compensation. More mental illness claims will be allowed and the benefits are going to go up. It was announced on June 14 that the Minnesota State Legislature passed a bill that contained changes to Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system. This is a system… Read more »