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Determining the Value of a Worker\’s Compensation Claim for a Finger Injury

No matter what job you have, you likely use your fingers every day for it. However, as handy as our appendages are, many jobs put them in great danger of being injured. However, some jobs include more danger to fingers than others. Finger injuries can range from strains and sprains all the way up to amputation, even the stress of carpal tunnel can be classified as a finger injury. Depending on the various conditions of the injuries, it may grant you different amounts of worker\’s compensation.

Common Finger Injuries Covered By Worker\’s Compensation

There are a number of injuries that can happen to fingers, many not serious enough to require worker\’s compensation, but some of the more serious cases include:

  • Lacerations – Most cuts and other lacerations are minor. However, the deeper the cut, the worse it is. Deep lacerations can result in damage to the tendons, nerves, and blood vessels, which may require surgical intervention.
  • Bone Fractures – Most injuries result in the breaking of one or more bones in the fingers. Typical what they really require is immobilization and time. However, in very bad breaks, surgery may be required and even then the finger may not heal properly.
  • Nerve Injuries – Nerve injuries can result from lacerations and broken bones or even accidents like crushing. These often require surgery, but more commonly they can result in permanent disability of the finger as well as severe pain.
  • Amputation – This is one of the most devastating injuries that can occur to your finger. However, depending on the degree of the amputation, you will have higher pain and suffering as well as disability. While in some cases a finger may be able to be re-attached, many accidents leave workers without that appendage for the rest of their lives.

What is the Value of Your Finger Injury?

While it would be comforting to just go on the internet and look up a concrete number that your injury is worth, but unfortunately, there are so many different variables that would make that number inaccurate. Everything from the type of injury, the extent of the damage, to even your state\’s laws can affect the amount you will get to help cover the medical and life-changing costs of your finger injury.

Various factors that will affect how much worker\’s compensation you get from a finger injury include:

  • Amount of disability caused by the injury
  • Lost wages
  • Your age when the injury occurred
  • Cost of treatment

However, one of the bigger factors that can affect the amount you get more so than most of the above is which finger was injured. You will find that even if you have a pinky finger amputated, you would get much less worker\’s compensation than if it were a thumb or an index finger. Middle fingers are more difficult to price since while you don\’t necessarily use the finger a lot, the loss or disability of that finger can damage the integrity of the hand as a whole.

Regardless of the type of injury you have sustained to your fingers at work, if it has left you disabled, you are entitled to worker\’s compensation to cover your expenses. However, because the value of a finger injury can vary so much, you will want a knowledgeable worker\’s compensation attorney at your side throughout the filing to process just to make sure you get the amount that your unique injury merits. If you are in the Mankato area and have suffered a finger injury at work, contact us today. The Law Office of Harvey & Carpenter is dedicated to fighting for the rights of Minnesota\’s injured workers.

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