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Do I qualify for workers\’ compensation benefits in Minnesota?

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to from an occupational accident? You\’re probably aware of many of them. You\’re aware that your medical expenses should be reimbursed. You understand that most of your income should be covered. However, whether or not you have the option to select your doctor to give medical attention is something you may not know. Whether prescription costs are paid for is something you could assume. You may not know how many weeks of wage loss compensation you are eligible for.

This is only the beginning of a highly complex area of law. What are the chances you will be paid everything that is owed to you, if you deal with your workers compensation insurer on your own without the aid of a lawyer?

What Kinds of Injuries Are Covered by Minnesota Workers Compensation Law?

Workers\’ compensation insurance covers workers who suffer work-related injuries or sickness. Work injuries can involve the following forms of conditions:

  • Traumatic injuries
  • Occupational diseases
  • Repetitive-type injuries
  • Qualifying mental injuries

Can I receive workers\’ compensation benefits?

Workers\’ compensation benefits are only available if your injury occurred while you were working and can be directly linked to your job. To begin the process, tell a supervisor about your work injury and fill out an incident report or First Report of Injury. After completing that, your claim will be sent to the workers\’ compensation insurer to approve or deny it.

You can get medical, wage loss, and rehabilitation benefits if your claim is approved.  You may want a lawyer even on an approved claim. You will need a workers\’ compensation lawyer to assist you if your claim is denied.

You may be approved for your benefits, but it is always best to have an attorney review your case. We frequently see insurers underpay or flat-out refuse to pay the total amount of benefits a claimant is entitled to receive. Let us help you ensure that you\’re getting all the appropriate benefits.

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