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How to Choose a Good Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Lawyer

You were recently hurt on the job. Perhaps you fell from a scaffold or got injured in a car accident. You’ve been trying get a response from the workers’ compensation insurer so you can get medical care, get wage replacement, and heal and get back to work.  You may be getting “the run around” from your employer.  You are frustrated, needing to go to the doctor, and you may not have any money coming in. Maybe you just have a lot of questions and you are needing answers about how this all works.

If you are disabled – from a work accident or for any other reason – you may have tried to get Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and have been denied.

Why not get help when it is easily accessible and talking to a lawyer is FREE? Peace of mind and no bill – sounds pretty good.  Know what you are entitled to and talk to an attorney who can help you get it if it is being denied.

Understanding Workers Compensation and SS Disability Claims

If you have been hurt on the job, you may be eligible for WC benefits including lost wages, medical bills (with no deductible or co-pay), prescription expenses, and mileage reimbursement for commuting to your injury-related medical appointments. Within each state (including Minnesota), there are lawyers who are experienced in helping people like you pursue your WC claims so that you are treated fairly under the law.

If you are living with a permanent medical problem or other disabling condition, you may need to file a disability claim with the Social Security Administration. Without the right medical documentation, there is a good chance that your claim will be denied multiple times. The Social Security process is complicated and can take a long time – but having a lawyer can help make sure deadlines are met, proper records are presented, and persuasive legal arguments are made for your claim.

What WC and SSD Lawyers Do

At Harvey & Carpenter, we recognize that this injury or disability has changed your life.  You deserve to get fair treatment from your employer and the WC insurance carrier – and from Social Security. We practice ONLY in work comp and Social Security disability – and only on the side of injured or disabled people – not insurance companies. Our goal is to see that you get the help you need.

Here are things to look for when choosing a work comp or Social Security disability lawyer:

  • Experience handling claims for injured and disabled people.
  • Years of work in the state of Minnesota’s complicated work comp system and in the Social Security field.
  • A solid and ethical reputation free of legal malpractice claims and free from any disciplinary history through the Board of Professional Responsibility.
  • Happy former and current clients.
  • You can trust the lawyer to prioritize your medical care and best interests overall, not just pursue a settlement.
  • The lawyer is willing to help you make the best decisions for your LIFE – not just for your case.

Why You Might Need Legal Help

We get many inquiries from people who have been hurt on the job or have become permanently disabled and desperately need financial relief. They are understandably feeling victimized by their situation and don’t know where to turn.

We can assist by helping you to understand how each step of each legal system works – and we know how to claim your benefits under those systems. Our help increases your chance at a good result.

Some people need and are entitled to work comp.  Some people need and are entitled to Social Security disability.  And some people may actually need both kinds of legal services. We know how the two work together – and how to maximize your recovery from the two systems together.

Please rest assured that you aren’t alone if you have a work injury or are disabled – or both. We know that you are hurting and want reliable answers to your urgent questions. We are here for you – licensed, reputable and skilled attorneys with a dedicated and experienced staff.

Get a Free Consultation

You can take advantage of a free consultation at Harvey & Carpenter – even if all you want is to understand your potential claim. Meeting us in person can also help you decide whether you need to hire an attorney – and whether you are comfortable with our personalities and confident in our skills.

You may want to talk to more than one lawyer before you meet the right one for you and your case. However, keep in mind that attending a free consultation does not obligate you to hire a particular lawyer or law firm in the state of Minnesota.

We are proud of our record and our reputation – but don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to research our reputation helping potential clients just like you. Please contact us for free information about hiring an attorney and get a confidential case review today.

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