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Mankato Work Injury Lawyers: Do I Need Legal Assistance For My Injuries?

Most employers strive to provide a safe work environment. Despite their best efforts, accidents can occur. Anything from a slip and fall to a broken limb can result in an unexpected work injury. In some cases, an employer knowingly provided an unsafe work environment causing you to be injured and no longer able to work. You’ll need the help of a legal professional to guide you through a successful legal claim for your injuries. The legal experts at Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys at Law discuss the benefits of a work injury lawyer. Keep reading more details below to find out why you need a work injury lawyer when you’ve been hurt on the job.

What Is A Work Injury Lawyer?

You can expect a Mankato work injury lawyer to be highly knowledgeable concerning Minnesota law. They get answers to the tough questions like is your employer responsible for your injuries? How much compensation are you entitled to for your injuries?

A work injury lawyer will argue the legal elements of your claim while you focus on getting well. Deciphering your medical records is imperative to your injury claim. A skilled work injury lawyer will understand how to request and assess your medical records to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why You Need A Work Injury Lawyer?

  1. Access To Better Care

If you have your own doctor, you should see them immediately following your work injury. However, some injuries require the help of a specialist or highly skilled medical professional in a unique field.

A work injury lawyer can refer you to the area’s top medical personnel in any field. You can get quality care including physical therapy, surgery, rehabilitation, and more following a work injury.

  1. Thorough Assessment Of Your Case 

A doctor can diagnose your injuries, but a lawyer is a highly trained legal professional prepared to argue your injuries and guide you through the process of filing a claim. Clients get a free consultation that gives the lawyer an opportunity to thoroughly review your case. More importantly, if you have an injury claim against your employer, a lawyer can determine if your employer had insurance or if you need to file a state workers’ compensation claim.

Each case is different with unique circumstances and requires a case to be individually reviewed thoroughly. A consultation allows an attorney to evaluate your case to decide if your case has merit and worth pursuing.

  1. Quality Legal Resources 

Not only does a work injury lawyer give sound advice, they can also help you find additional resources to help with your recovery efforts. Lawyers offer practical advice to a multitude of issues that arise during a workers compensation case.

Work injury laws can be complex. You have enough to worry about after you’ve been injured on the job. A lawyer can provide additional valuable resources to aid in your recovery. Trust a competent attorney to assess your case and guide you along the way.

For over 50+ years, Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys at Law have proudly represented injured workers in Minnesota. When you’ve been injured, we diligently fight for the compensation you deserve. Our team is committed to fighting on your behalf from day one. We’re a highly regarded legal team in Mankato with the knowledge and resources you need for a successful claim. Find out how we can assist you with your work injury. You’re invited to contact us for more details.