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New Minnesota Law Considered To Protect Workers Who Contract COVID-19

A new law is being considered to protect those who get COVID-19.  The following individuals who get the disease are presumed to have obtain the disease due to work:

Licensed peace officers, firefighters, paramedics,  nurse or health care worker, correctional officer, security counselors employed by the state or at corrections, emergency medical technician (EMTs); a health care provider, an assistive employee employed in a health care, home care, or long-term care facility with direct COVID-19 patient care or ancillary work in COVID-19 patient units; and workers required to provide child care to first responders and health care workers.

Accordingly, if anyone in these categories gets the disease, they will likely have work comp benefits.  Please contact a Mankato workers’ compensation lawyer if you believe you contracted COVID-19 at work as we may be able to get you benefits.

The language of the Minnesota workers’ compensation bill can be found here.

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