Overuse Syndrome

Overuse syndrome is defined as a disorder where a certain party of the body sustains damage from being used over and over again. Overuse syndrome can also result if too much stress is put on a part of the body. That’s because the particular body part, such as the shoulder, is required to stretch farther, work harder, and go above and beyond what it should be doing. This is common in many occupations because the same task must be carried out by the same person daily. In turn, this is a major reason why workers file workers’ comp claims and secure the help of a Mankato work comp attorney to better the chances of the claim being approved or successfully appealed.

Workers’ Comp For Injured Workers

Many times, overuse syndrome occurs in a joint and affects bone, muscle, tendon, or bursa. However, stress isn’t limited to just these areas. Some types of overuse syndromes are:

  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Patellofemoral pain

These are just examples of overuse syndromes, but the list of conditions has the potential to be quite extensive.

Unfortunately, many injured workers have difficulty determining when a symptom is the result of overuse syndrome. What’s more, is it may be difficult to tell when the syndrome is the result of work duties. That’s why it’s important to have pain addressed as soon as it is felt. If it is an overuse condition, then a workers’ comp claim must be filed immediately, and you should consult with your attorney so you have the proper guidance throughout the process.

Help With The Workers’ Comp Process

It’s important to have the right guidance because you don’t want to navigate this process alone. Although the initial claim may seem easy due to providing information about the condition, its causes, medical information, etc., insurance companies frequently find reasons why they won’t approve a claim. Fortunately, there is a legal process that you can use so you can receive the benefits that you need to recover and return to work.

Contact Our Mankato Work Comp Attorneys

If you are suffering from work-related overuse syndrome, you might have a workers’ compensation claim. At Harvey & Carpenter, we can evaluate your case and help you determine the next step, whether it’s your initial claim filing or taking further legal action. To learn more, call us at (507)-779-7529 and request a free consultation.

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