Success Stories

$67,500 Settlement For Injured Shoulder at Work

Juan aged 73, injured his shoulder while working for his employer.  He learned after several months that he had a rotator cuff tear.  The insurer delayed his care so long that his rotator cuff could no longer be repaired.  Juan could not return to his job, but the workers compensation insurer hired a doctor who… Read more »

$200,000 Settlement!

Brad (name changed) who was in his 50s when he injured his shoulder, had restrictions making it so he could not return to his good paying job.  He was looking at his workers compensation benefits ending soon and sought help from Harvey and Carpenter. Chris Carpenter was able to secure a $200,000 settlement for Brad.

Claimant Awarded More Than $59,000

Donald applied for Social Security and was denied. Our office helped him with the appeal process.  J. Chris Carpenter represented him at the hearing. One issue was why his symptoms seems to come on around the time of his application and not earlier. Donald explained that they had  been present before but he could not… Read more »

Social Security Benefits and Back Pay

Laura (name changed) was injured at work and contacted Chris Carpenter. Work comp initially paid her $109,000 in benefits but then stopped paying. Attorney Carpenter obtained an additional $220,000 for her injury via settlement and then pursued a Social Security case for her.  Harvey and Carpenter obtained benefits of $67,000 in Social Security back pay…. Read more »

$140,000 Settlement for Silicosis Injured Worker

In March of 2017, Chris reached a settlement of $140,000 for his client with silicosis. The injured worker, who has already retired, still has the right to pursue more benefits should his condition worsen. Antonio injured his shoulder at work, but the employer and insurer claimed his condition was due to arthritis. He continued to… Read more »

Finally! Social Security Benefits

Mike suffered from mental disabilities, which caused him to struggle with employment.  For five years he worked with other representatives to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, without success. Mike retained Chris Carpenter to represent him in appealing his Social Security Disability application, which was a success! Chris understood Mike’s disability and was able to… Read more »

Workers’ Compensation Settlement

In March of 2015, Ruth Harvey obtained a $175,000 Workers’ Compensation settlement for her client who had multiple injuries which included knee and back injuries along with a contested ankle injury. Due to his injuries he was forced to retire early. He will also receive future medical care for all of his injuries.

25% More In Social Security

Ruth Harvey has represented a number of clients receiving reduced Social Security retirement (beginning as early as age 62) in order to get them qualified for Social Security disability. The result is that they now receive roughly 25% more in Social Security than the age 62 benefit and will for the remainder of their lifetimes… Read more »