$140,000 Settlement for Silicosis Injured Worker

In March of 2017, Chris reached a settlement of $140,000 for his client with silicosis. The injured worker, who has already retired, still has the right to pursue more benefits should his condition worsen.

Antonio injured his shoulder at work, but the employer and insurer claimed his condition was due to arthritis. He continued to work and developed problems in his other shoulder as well. The employer and insurer again denied.

Chris litigated the case for Antonio and the judge determined the first shoulder was work-related and the other shoulder was injured as a consequence of the first injury. Antonio was awarded wage loss and all medical bills were paid.

Jeff had applied 3 times for Social Security Disability and had 3 hearings losing each time.

Jeff then retained Chris whose team gathered additional evidence and opinions to prove his case. In March of 2017, Chris was able to prove his condition had further worsened after prior hearings. At hearing, Jeff was found disabled and awarded back pay of more than 2 years.

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