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Types Of Workplace Injuries

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At Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys at Law, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that workplace injuries can have on individuals and their families. If you have been injured while working in Minnesota, you may be entitled to compensation. Our team of dedicated Mankato workers’ comp attorneys are here to help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

Types of Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can occur in various industries and can range from minor accidents to life-altering incidents. Here are some common types of work injuries:

  • Back Fusion: Back fusion injuries can occur due to heavy lifting, repetitive bending, or accidents involving the spine. These injuries often require surgical intervention to fuse the vertebrae together, leading to a lengthy recovery process and potential long-term disability.

  • Coronavirus: In recent times, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought workplace-related coronavirus infections to the forefront. Essential workers, healthcare professionals, and others exposed to the virus in their line of work may suffer from COVID-19 and its associated complications.

  • Knee Replacement: Jobs that involve repetitive kneeling, lifting, or physical strain on the knees can lead to chronic knee pain and degenerative conditions. In severe cases, individuals may require knee replacement surgery to restore mobility and alleviate pain.

  • Neck Fusion: Similar to back fusion injuries, neck fusion injuries can occur due to accidents, repetitive strain, or poor ergonomics. Neck fusion surgery may be necessary to stabilize the cervical spine and relieve symptoms such as pain, numbness, and weakness.

  • Shoulder Replacements: Occupations involving repetitive overhead movements, heavy lifting, or physical strain on the shoulders can lead to chronic shoulder pain and degenerative conditions. Severe cases may require shoulder replacement surgery to restore functionality and reduce pain.

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder): Workers exposed to traumatic events such as workplace accidents, violence, or life-threatening situations may develop PTSD. This mental health condition can significantly impact an individual’s ability to function and requires appropriate treatment and support.

  • Burns & Electrocution: Jobs involving exposure to fire, hot substances, or electrical hazards can result in severe burns and electrocution injuries. These injuries may cause physical disfigurement, nerve damage, and psychological trauma.

  • Carpal Tunnel Injury: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common workplace injury caused by repetitive hand and wrist motions, such as typing or using vibrating tools. It can lead to numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand, affecting daily activities and work performance.

  • Overuse Syndrome: Overuse syndrome, also known as repetitive strain injury, occurs when a particular body part is subjected to repetitive motions or excessive strain. This can lead to conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, or stress fractures.

We Represent Workers’ Compensation Claims in Minnesota

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury while working in Minnesota, it is crucial to understand your rights and legal options. Workers’ compensation is a system designed to provide benefits to employees who are injured in the course of their employment. These benefits may include medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and disability benefits.

At Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys at Law, we specialize in handling workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota. Our experienced Mankato workers’ comp attorneys have a deep understanding of the state’s laws and regulations governing workplace injuries. We will guide you through the entire process, from filing a claim to negotiating with insurance companies, to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Our Mankato Workers’ Comp Attorneys Can Help You

When you’ve been injured at work, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and dedicated legal team by your side. Here’s how our Mankato workers’ comp attorneys can assist you:

  • Free Case Evaluation: We offer free case evaluations to help you understand the strength of your workers’ compensation claim. During the evaluation, we will listen to your story, review your medical records and other relevant documents, and provide you with an honest assessment of your case.

  • Thorough Investigation: Our workers’ comp attorneys will conduct a comprehensive investigation togather evidence and build a strong case on your behalf. This may involve collecting medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and any other relevant documentation to establish the cause of your injury and the extent of your damages.

  • Expert Guidance: Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be complex and overwhelming. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through the entire process, ensuring you meet all the necessary deadlines, complete required paperwork accurately, and understand your rights and options at every stage.

  • Negotiating with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies often try to minimize the compensation they pay out to injured workers. Our attorneys have extensive experience in negotiating with insurance companies and will fight to protect your rights and maximize your benefits. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to court and advocate for your interests before a judge.

  • Ensuring Fair Compensation: We understand the financial strain that workplace injuries can impose on you and your family. Our goal is to secure fair compensation that covers your medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and any long-term disability or impairment you may experience.

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Suffering a workplace injury can be a life-altering event, but you don’t have to face it alone. At Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys at Law, we are here to support you and fight for your rights. Our experienced Mankato workers’ comp attorneys have a deep understanding of Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws and will diligently pursue the compensation you are entitled to. Remember, if you have been injured while working in Minnesota, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation and let us help you on your path to recovery.

Contact Harvey & Carpenter if Your Minnesota Workers’ Comp Was Denied

If your workers’ compensation benefits have been denied, don’t hesitate to call the experienced attorneys at Harvey & Carpenter. With years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you appeal the decision and fight for the benefits you deserve. We understand the stress and uncertainty that comes with a denied claim, and will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact us today at (507) 779-7529 for a free consultation to discuss your case and find out how we can help you.