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What to Bring To My Initial Meeting With My Workers Compensation Lawyer

Time may be of the essence, so the most important thing is that you meet with a lawyer.  DO NOT LET THE LACK OF DOCUMENTS OR INFORMATION CAUSE YOU TO PUT OFF OR CANCEL SEEING A LAWYER. 

Your initial meeting with your attorney is important in getting your case to resolution in a timely manner.  If you are able to provide the information or documents noted below, that can help.  If not, we will work with you to gather the needed documents or information.

Some Information or Documents that Can be Helpful are the following:

  1. Letters or documents you have received from the Workers Compensation Insurer, the Department of Labor and Industry, and the Office of Administrative Hearings
  2. Medical records relating to your injury (also try to request copies of records going back to the date of injury or earlier and bring to the appointment)
  3. Pay stubs from 6 months prior to your injury (or the start date of work if injured within the first 6 months) up to the present
  4. Current workability/restrictions form
  5. A list of all medical providers you treated with for the injury including places you had injections, MRI, or surgery
  6. Health insurance card
  7. Medical bills relating to your injury
  8. Your first report of injury or accident report
  9. If you have a Qualified Rehabilitation Counselor, any documents he or she have provided you
  10. Notices from health insurers, Medicare, or Department of Human services
  11. Child Support information, If you owe current or back child support
  12. Job Description: if you have access to the official job description of the job you were doing when injured, please bring it

Some of the above may not apply to you.  While your lawyer can get the necessary information to pursue your case once you have authorized him or her to get it, it will speed your case up if you can provide what you already have or can get.  If you can provide any of these things, it will help.  We look forward to seeing you.

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