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When Should the Insurance Company Start Paying My Worker\’s Compensation Benefits in Minnesota?

If you get injured at work, you can file a lawsuit against the employer to get worker\’s compensation benefits. It is imperative to understand how the claim process works and when to begin receiving compensation.

Generally, you should begin receiving compensation within 14 days. But this depends on various factors such as when notice of the loss of earnings was provided to the insurer and the information given to the insurer about your earnings. The insurer generally has 30 days from when it receives medical bills.

If you live in Southern Minnesota, you can seek help from an experienced worker\’s compensation attorney to handle the case for you. Below is a guide to help you understand how long the worker\’s compensation process takes.

How Long Will It Take To Get a Workers Compensation Check?

The good news is that you do not have to wait to get paid all your benefits together. You may start receiving some workers\’ compensation benefits within a few days of filing the case. The insurer has 14 days to either start paying benefits, or deny liability of the claim. If you have not returned to work, the insurer should start paying Temporary Total Disability.  If your wage loss is not full days, but reduced hours, the insurer will need to receive your pay check in order to determine the amount owed. So, you should plan to send the insurer you pay check for any time period you feel you lost time or pay due to your injury.

Your employer\’s insurer will determine the eligibility, and this depends on the facts and circumstances of the injuries, the nature of the injuries, and your ability to work. If you find challenges in getting compensated by the insurer, you can seek help from an experienced lawyer such as Harvey & Carpenter to handle your case and help you begin receiving compensation within the shortest time possible.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may be slow when handling such cases. In this case, you can involve your worker\’s compensation attorney to take action and speed up the process.

If your case is declined, your worker\’s comp attorney will help you file a petition and request an appeal where applicable. In the case of a denied claim, you\’ll have to wait until the case is heard before you receive the benefits. On the other hand, if the insurer accepts your claim, you will still wait for the insurer to access and approve the injuries.

Do I Get Paid Workers Compensation Each Week? 

The worker\’s compensation states that employers must pay the worker\’s compensation benefits just as they do with the paycheck. For instance, if you get paid weekly, then your employer, through insurance, should pay weekly. You may also get paid bi-weekly or in another form, depending on your paycheck.

In the case where you\’re expected to resume work before receiving your worker\’s compensation paycheck, you can involve an attorney to help speed up the process. An attorney will also help you ensure that you\’re getting what you\’re entitled to from the insurance company.

How Much Will I Receive for My Workers Compensation Injury?

Worker\’s compensation payment determining factors include the injuries incurred, the extent of permanent disability, the period of disability from work, your pre-injury  earnings, and your loss in earning capacity. For instance, employees in the high-risk sectors such as construction and manufacturing will likely get higher worker\’s compensation than those from other sectors. An experienced worker\’s comp attorney can advise you on what you could expect to receive for your injury.

Did You Get Injured at Work? 

If you\’ve been injured at work or lost a loved one and you\’re wondering when you should start receiving your worker\’s compensation benefits or what your claim is worth, contact Harvey & Carpenter and let us advise you accordingly. We have over 50 years of experience handling similar cases for clients unfamiliar with legal processes.


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