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Work From Home and What It Means for Worker\’s Compensation

Following the Corona Virus pandemic, many businesses have allowed employees to continue working from home. Workers’ compensation is  often thought of as a remedy for employees injured at work. Most commonly, the injury occurs on the employer\’s premises. But what happens if you are working from home?

An injury is compensable under Minnesota law if the injury arises out of and in the course of employment. The crucial element in deciding if an injury suffered while working from home is compensable is whether the injury occurred in the course of employment. The Minnesota Supreme

Court analyzed this issue and supplied three factors to consider:

(1) How often are you working from home;
(2) What type of work equipment you have at home; and
(3) Is working from home necessary?

Whether an injury is going to be paid for by workers’ compensation always depends on the facts of each case – and how those facts are interpreted and documented. Getting help from an experienced lawyer early in the case helps you to protect your right to recovery. At Harvey & Carpenter, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can help you navigate these issues.

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