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Workers’ Compensation: Knee Injuries and Future Benefits

Knee injuries are among the most common workplace injuries. Knee injuries often require surgery or substantial conservative treatment. In many situations, the initial treatment is covered by workers’ compensation. However, knee injuries often require future treatment as well. Research suggests individuals with a history of joint trauma are 3 to 6 times more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and are diagnosed approximately 10 years earlier than individuals without a history of joint trauma. In many surgical cases, the patient is as much as 15 times more likely to require a total knee replacement procedure in the future. So, who pays for the future treatment? The answer is it depends.

Following a compensable workers’ compensation injury, your claim may be settled in a variety of ways. One of those options includes settling your claim with future medical open. Many employers prefer not to settle claims in this nature because of the increased liability imposed on the employer for future treatment. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney helping you navigate these complicated situations – especially with knee injuries where the likelihood of future treatment is high.

Whether an injury is going to be paid for by workers’ compensation always depends on the facts of each case – and how those facts are interpreted and documented. Getting help from an experienced lawyer early in the case helps you to protect your right to recovery. At Harvey & Carpenter, our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can help you navigate these difficult issues. We offer free consultations to discuss any of your workers’ compensation questions. Call us now at (507) 779-7529.

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