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Back Fusion

Back Fusion

Back fusion surgery, or spinal fusion, is a surgical procedure that many injured workers in Mankato and throughout Southern Minnesota have undergone after a work-related injury. If you have suffered a work-related back injury, it’s important to immediately get started on your workers’ compensation claim.  It may take time to get a claim approved, and that is necessary if your medical expenses and wage loss are to be covered by work comp.  An experienced Southern Minnesota workers’ comp lawyer can help you to pursue your claim. When you obtain workers’ comp benefits, you can get the medical coverage and wage replacement that compensates you for a percentage of your lost income. In addition to these benefits, there are occupational benefits that aim at getting you back to work, even if you must learn new skills that will help you enter a new field.

Helping Injured Workers Facing Spinal Fusion Surgery

When spinal fusion surgery is carried out, two or more vertebrae are fused into a single vertebra. The point is to prevent the movement of the affected vertebrae so there is no stretching of nearby muscles, nerves, or ligaments that may have been responsible for the discomfort.

It sounds like a frightening procedure, but it is not as invasive as in the past. Recovery time is also faster, which means you can get back to work sooner. Common injuries that are possible candidates for this surgery include:

  • Fractured spinal bone
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal)

If you already had a condition, such as spinal stenosis, and your job made your symptoms worse, you may still qualify for workers’ compensation.  Just because a condition may have previously existed doesn’t mean that you cannot file a claim. An existing condition can be made worse or it may progress faster than it would have if you hadn’t been doing your job. This job-related worsening of your condition or symptoms still can qualify as a work injury.


Making Injured Workers Whole

When surgery is required for a work-related injury, it’s even more important to ensure the appropriate benefits are secured. There are many people throughout Mankato that didn’t file for benefits because they didn’t think they qualified. The only true way to know is to talk to an attorney and begin the claims process immediately.

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If you have sustained a back injury on the job that requires back fusion surgery, it’s important to apply for workers’ comp benefits as soon as possible with the help of an experienced attorney so the medical care and wage replacement benefits are covered. To learn more about your rights and options, call Harvey & Carpenter, Attorneys At Law at (507)-779-7529 to request a free consultation.