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After 2 Hearings, Claimant wins case]

Abebe (name is changed) had a history of primarily doing factory type work.  His health deteriorated over time and in 2021 he had significant limitations due to his shoulders, back, and hands. He also suffered from some minor mental health issues. At age 48, he applied for Social Security and was denied.  He retained Chris Carpenter of Harvey and Carpenter who was able to get approval of benefits after 2 years of representation and 2 hearings. A back pay Award worth over $36,000 was obtained.

June 20, 2024

Injured Worker Wins at Hearing!

Steve (58 years old) had worked in the construction industry for many years.  He had been at his current job for about 4 years when his back started hurting him.  He did not know at the time that he could claim a work injury and missed work for 4 months before coming to Harvey and Carpenter. Chris Carpenter put the employer on notice of a Gillette or cumulative trauma injury soon after meeting with Steve.  The employer denied the injury and denied proper notice was given.  The employer argued that his condition was preexisting, that his prior work likely caused his back condition, and that his age also was a factor, but not his work with the employer.  At hearing, the employer conceded that notice was adequate, but still denied an injury occurred. After testimony from various witness, the Court found that Steve did have a work injury and was entitled to 10 months of wage loss benefits.

March 14, 2024

$62,000 - Awarded in Social Security Disability Back Pay

Former Regional Service Manager is awarded more than $62,000 in Social Security Disability back pay with the help of Harvey and Carpenter.  John suffered from chronic headaches and partial hearing loss that were caused in part due to a tumor that had been removed.  After being denied by Social Security for disability benefits, Harvey and Carpenter gathered medical evidence and opinions and appealed that decision.  After a hearing, John was found disabled as of a date more than 2 years prior to the hearing and awarded benefits with back pay. 

October 30, 2023

$73,285.70 - Backpay For Construction Field Worker

Harvey and Carpenter obtain $73,285.70 in backpay for Claimant.  Claimant had been working in a construction field and was a high wage earner but had to stop working at age 58 due to limitations caused by post concussive syndrome, a hand tremor, and back pain. Claimant initially applied on his own and had difficulty completing the necessary forms and as result his case had been delayed about a year. Our team promptly got the forms completed, obtained records and opinions for Social Security to consider.  About 8 months later, Social Security determined without a hearing that he was unable to return to past work and was disabled at that age. 

August 22, 2023

Two Knee Surgeries Paid for Over 10 Years Apart.

While at work, Josh injured his left knee in 2000.  He required a surgery in 2009. Attorney Chris Carpenter was successful in getting the 2009 surgery paid for and the case was settled.  In 2021, Josh needed a knee replacement.  Workers compensation hired a doctor who opined the need for the replacement was not related to the injury and the insurer denied responsibility for the surgery. Josh had the surgery and Attorney Carpenter was able to get the surgery and related bills resolved without Josh paying a dime. Further, he got Josh additional money.

June 6, 2023

Not Too Young To Get Benefits

Ronny was only 32 years old when he applied.  Typically, if is very hard to get disability benefits when you are young, but Ronny’s low back condition stopped him from doing any consistent work.  He was also trying to support his child. Social Security denied his application and denied him on reconsideration.  Attorney Chris Carpenter and his staff took the case and obtained additional evidence to support his case.  After a hearing, Ronny was awarded all allowable back pay for his disability, including benefits to help support his minor child.

May 25, 2023

$80,000 - Workers obtain settlement plus Social Security Disability benefits.

Recently we represented a gentleman who had become unable to continue working at a job that required him to be on his feet on concrete nearly full time.  At first glance, this was due to a pre-existing knee replacement that had not gone well and for which he had received a settlement for medical malpractice.  However, on further investigation, it became apparent that the job he had needed to leave was a substantial factor in his increasing pain and decreasing ability to function.  We took on a workers’ compensation claim for him and discovered that he had had a number of other work injuries over the years that still affected him and that had not been closed out.  We eventually brought five parties into the case due to twenty-one different injuries.  We obtained an $80,000 workers’ compensation settlement alleging the disability caused by the combined effect of these many injuries.  We also successfully represented him in obtaining Social Security disability monthly benefits along with early eligibility for Medicare.  All benefits were coordinated to minimize offsets between them and maximize the amount we were able to put into our client’s pocket.

May 24, 2023

$67,500 - Settlement for Injured Shoulder at Work

Juan aged 73, injured his shoulder while working for his employer.  He learned after several months that he had a rotator cuff tear.  The insurer delayed his care so long that his rotator cuff could no longer be repaired.  Juan could not return to his job, but the workers compensation insurer hired a doctor who stated his shoulder problems were due to old age. Chris obtained records and opinions to support Juan’s case.  With that evidence, he was able to obtain a settlement of $67,500.  In addition to this, all future medical care for his shoulder will be paid by workers compensation.

February 24, 2023

$200,000 - Settlement!

Brad (name changed) who was in his 50s when he injured his shoulder, had restrictions making it so he could not return to his good paying job.  He was looking at his workers compensation benefits ending soon and sought help from Harvey and Carpenter. Chris Carpenter was able to secure a $200,000 settlement for Brad.

February 24, 2023

$59,000 - Claimant Awarded

Donald applied for Social Security and was denied. Our office helped him with the appeal process.  J. Chris Carpenter represented him at the hearing. One issue was why his symptoms seems to come on around the time of his application and not earlier. Donald explained that they had  been present before but he could not afford to see the doctor due to his lack of insurance.  He later qualified for Medical Assistance after he stopped working. Medical records are very important to establishing your claim, but when those records are lacking a fair-minded judge can consider lack of insurance or money to get care. Donald was awarded back pay of more than $59,000.

October 1, 2018

$70,000 - Social Security Benefit & Back Pay

Chris helped Kayla (name is changed) get Social Security benefit and back pay totaling more than $70,000.  It took a couple appeals and a hearing, but three years later she has a monthly benefit and her back pay.

July 23, 2018

$220,000 - Social Security Benefits and Back Pay

Laura (name changed) was injured at work and contacted Chris Carpenter. Work comp initially paid her $109,000 in benefits but then stopped paying. Attorney Carpenter obtained an additional $220,000 for her injury via settlement and then pursued a Social Security case for her.  Harvey and Carpenter obtained benefits of $67,000 in Social Security back pay. Laura now has a monthly benefit coming through Social Security that she can rely on and a nest egg.

July 23, 2018

$140,000 - Settlement for Silicosis Injured Worker

In March of 2017, Chris reached a settlement of $140,000 for his client with silicosis. The injured worker, who has already retired, still has the right to pursue more benefits should his condition worsen. Antonio injured his shoulder at work, but the employer and insurer claimed his condition was due to arthritis. He continued to work and developed problems in his other shoulder as well. The employer and insurer again denied. Chris litigated the case for Antonio and the judge determined the first shoulder was work-related and the other shoulder was injured as a consequence of the first injury. Antonio was awarded wage loss and all medical bills were paid. Jeff had applied 3 times for Social Security Disability and had 3 hearings losing each time. Jeff then retained Chris whose team gathered additional evidence and opinions to prove his case. In March of 2017, Chris was able to prove his condition had further worsened after prior hearings. At hearing, Jeff was found disabled and awarded back pay of more than 2 years. To discuss your social security case with our experienced attorneys, get in touch via our contact form above or Call us on: 507-779-7529 or email: [email protected] to schedule a FREE consultation.

April 6, 2017

25% More - Finally! Social Security Benefits

Mike suffered from mental disabilities, which caused him to struggle with employment.  For five years he worked with other representatives to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, without success. Mike retained Chris Carpenter to represent him in appealing his Social Security Disability application, which was a success! Chris understood Mike’s disability and was able to retrieve additional evidence to support his claim for Social Security Disability benefits, which was the turning point to a successful result. If you’d wish to discuss your legal case with one of our experienced legal representatives, feel free to get in touch via: 507-779-7529

The result is that they now receive roughly 25% more in Social Security than the age 62 benefit and will for the remainder of their lifetimes rather than if they would have accepted the early retirement amount.

September 17, 2015

$175,000 Workers' Settlement

In March of 2015, Ruth Harvey obtained a $175,000 Workers’ Compensation settlement for her client who had multiple injuries which included knee and back injuries along with a contested ankle injury. Due to his injuries he was forced to retire early. He will also receive future medical care for all of his injuries. The result is that they now receive roughly 25% more in Social Security than the age 62 benefit and will for the remainder of their lifetimes rather than if they would have accepted the early retirement amount.

May 21, 2015

25% More - in Social Security

Ruth Harvey has represented a number of clients receiving reduced Social Security retirement (beginning as early as age 62) in order to get them qualified for Social Security disability.

The result is that they now receive roughly 25% more in Social Security than the age 62 benefit and will for the remainder of their lifetimes rather than if they would have accepted the early retirement amount.

March 4, 2015

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